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Windshield Wiper Wizard

"Before I used this on my driver side wiper it use to leave streaks, and left water drops in my vision, after a few swipes with this product it was like a brand new wiper!! I would highly recommend it!"
Ron W.
Seattle, WA 
Restore Your Old Wiper Blades Now With Windshield Wiper Wizard!

The Windshield Wiper Wizard has scientifically engineered microcrystals that smooth away those rough edges that cause dangerous streaking. Easy to use – just swipe blade through the Wizard. Safe and effective on all wiper blades. The Windshield Wiper Wizard will save you the hassle of changing your wiper blades, save you money and improve drivability and safety. The Windshield Wiper Wizard will prolong the life of your wiper blades, clean and sharpen the blades restoring complete windshield contact for better performance

Wiper Wizard transforms your streaking, creaking wiper blades from rough to solid edge in seconds!

Just simply slide the Wiper Wizard onto the edge of the wiper blade and slide back and forth over the entire blade. Then just wipe away any excess debris with the included microfiber cloths. Your wipers will work like new again maintaining visibility and improving driving performance.

Package Includes:
  • 1 x Wiper Wizard
  • 5 x Microfiber Cloths

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