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Space Capsule Pet Backpack

Light Pink
  • Comes with food grade PC and oxford cloth, this pet carrier is non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe for both your pets and you.
  • Durable lightweight panels.
  • Fashion generous space capsule style and innovative transparent window design can ease your cute friend's anxiety, allow them to enjoy the outdoor scenery and don't need to stay home alone anymore.
  • Eco-friendly Poly Carbonate PLUS durable oxford cloth provide a comfortable and breathable environment for your close friends.
  • There is a pocket on the outer side of the backpack for a human to use. You could carry your cup or tissues or others things with this pocket.
  • The pet bag outer surface is covered with a thin protective film and the role of the protective film is to prevent the outer shell from being scratched during long-di transportation.
  • Fit for dogs less than 8LB and cats under 10LB.
  • Suitable for: most species of cats and Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, Pomeranian, Maltese, Toy Poodle, Papillon, Miniature Doberman, Bichon Frise, Boston Terrier, Pug, and other small animals.
  • Material:Food Grade PC,Oxford Cloth
  • Size: One Size, 32x29x42cm/12.60x11.42x16.54"

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