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The Magic Door Mat


The Magic Door Mat will save you the daily battle cry of “take your shoes off!👢👞

The Magic Door Mat  will save you the daily battle cry of “take your shoes off!”
The Magic Door Mat has Anti-Skid NEOPRENE backing that's safe on all floorsunlike a traditional rubber backed mat that can stain or even yellow expensive floors. No funny odor or rubber smell. Ultra-thin door and floor mats will fit under almost any door. They are lightweight, 100% Machine washable and low temp dryer safe as well.
  • Ultra-absorbent door matfibers soak up dirt, dust, and moisture
  • Avoid dirty footprints on the carpet!
  • PVC non-slip backing
  • Easy to clean mat
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Has a million superabsorbent fibers that absorb mud and water easily.
  • High-quality cotton structure absorbs liquid in an instant, while the microfiber locks in the dirt and muck.
  • Stop the sand, snow, grass, leaves, pine needles, and road salt at the door.

Package Includes:
  • 1 x Magic Clean Mat

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