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Hair Puff Powder


Fuller hairline in seconds! ⏳

While everyone wants strong, healthy hair, not everyone is blessed with a bushel that can outlast the ages. Actually, 90% of hair loss is purely genetic, so the quality of one’s hair is really just luck of the draw. Thinning hair is often incorrectly thought of as a predominately male issue. In fact, thinning hair is a common problem among women, too. Forty percent of women have visible hair loss by age 40, and most start facing their worst hair thinning at a young age; between 25 and 35.


The Hair Puff Powder is an excellent way to conceal hair loss and volumize hair. Scalp powder for thinning hair can be highly effective and takes the form of a very fine colored powder or tightly condensed spray. Does the powder for hair scalp hide thinning hair? Yes, and in a very clever way, too.

The powder particles are actually very fine fibers that each have a fine static “cling” coating that attaches them to every hair strand on your head. Microscopically sticky, these fibers build natural-looking density on your hair,creating volume and seamlessly covering thinning areas. In fact, thinning hair fill-in powder brings together your hair to show its natural beauty and bring you back peace of mind. There’s no more obvious choice than scalp powder for women who want to make thinning hair appear thick and full!



  • Instant temporary hair color for light, dark or gray roots
  • Easy application-applies in less than a minute
  • Won't damage hair
  • Fills in and Volumizes thinning hair
  • It is used for filling the hairline, fulling your hairstyle and covering your white hair.
  • 7 different color suit different people with different hair color.
  • It will fill your hairline naturally and long-lasting.
  • It is useful for all kinds of people, especially those who have the trouble of high hairline


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