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CleanRobot Automated Cleaner


Enjoy Hands-Free Cleaning…Anytime!


Ever wanted to just flick a switch and your floors would be clean? Cleaning the floors can be tiresome, Bending down or sweeping over and over again can take a toll. Not anymore!

TheCleanRobot Automated Cleaner is the solution for clean floors without the time and hassle. The vacuum runs automatically around the home to absorb the dust and dirt with its microfiber tissue and is ideal for those hard to reach places! The CleanRobot Automated Cleaner is the SIMPLE solution to a cleaner house!

It eliminates all the dirt, hair, dander, dust and more from your home. Compatible with all types of flat surfaces, including carpets. With a system that detects obstacles like chairs, walls, corners etc changing direction automatically.

Bending down and sweeping day after day can take a toll on you! All you have to do is simply turn on your Auto Cleaner Vacuum, sit back, and watch it work its magic! This Automatic Vacuum is the easiest solution for clean floors without the time and hassle of standard brooms or vacuums.



  • The robotic cleaner efficiently picks up hair, dust, and dirt
  • Capable of identifying dangerous places such as desks, corners, & stairs, and can turn direction automatically.
  • Ideal for cleaning the floor, corners, nooks, crannies and all those other hard to reach places. 
  • Easy to clean, all you need to do is clean the microfiber tissue.
  • Perfect for someone who does't like to sweep the house.
What's in the box?
  • 1 X CleanRobot Automated Cleaner 
  • 1 X User Manual 

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